Premier New Car Detail

Premier new car detail, which has everything your new car could possibly want. The choices from top manufacturers have already been made for you (can be changed to suit your vehicle & your preferences, warrantied for 5 years), for the best possible start for your new investment. Whether it is a daily driver, a little something special for the weekend or that future classic for the garage.

Your car will be pampered from the tyres upwards, treated to the very best in ceramic coatings for the paintwork & alloys. The tail pipes, back box polished & treated to ceramic coating too. A durable rain repellant for the glass. Trim coated with a durable coating, lights treated, tyres dressed & tail pipes sealed with a ceramic too

The interior will be carefully detailed, leather gently cleaned with only the best cleaning products & treated to an invisible leather barrier that will not only aid in cleaning in the future but help stop dirt or dye from clothing penetrating into the hide.

Luxurious Wood Polish used on carbon fibre trim, mats treated to fabric guard & only sympathetic detailing carried out on every surface to ensure a factory finish but to a higher standard.

The paintwork will be machine polished in 2 stages after lovingly cleaned far in excess of dealer standards & only after Barry is happy with the finish will a world class ceramic coating be applied to the paintwork (with a 5 year manufacturers warranty), every surface will be treated on the exterior.

The engine bay will also be cleaned & treated sympathetically

What Barry will do is present back to you the car you should have collected from the dealer. No excuses, no shiny polish with fillers & 3 days of solid work

He works to something he calls “car sympathy”, this means no shiny silicone on dash boards, he chooses the perfect product for every surface, on, in & around the vehicle to compliment the factory finish. Each car is unique, each customer is unique but every car treated to a Premier New Car Detail is treated with the same care & attention.

Cost £775 – Completion time 3 days

Why not call Barry today ? 07479 194645

The process in brief:

  • Alloy wheels – clean & decontamination (wheel cleaner, de-tar & de-iron)
  • Engine bay cleaned & dressed by hand with an aero space protectant
  • Wheel arches cleaned & dressed
  • Pre cleaner application to paintwork
  • Washed 2 bucket method with plush wash mitt
  • Exterior decontamination: De-tar/de-iron of paintwork & glass
  • Clay of paintwork, glass & lights
  • Dried with plush microfiber drying towels & warm air blower
  • Assessment of paintwork with 3M Sungun
  • Paint depth readings taken with a ultrasonic paint gauge
  • Tape up of sensitive areas
  • Paintwork machine polished in 2 stages
  • Ceramic coating applied to paintwork. You can choose from: Gyeon Quartz Q² MOHS+, Gyeon Quartz Q² DuraFlex or GTechniq Crystal serum light + ExoV3. All come with a 5 year warranty
  • Exterior glass treatment applied. Gyeon, GTechniq or Nanolex
  • Alloy wheels coated. Gyeon Q² Rim or Gtechniq C5 wheel armour
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Tyres dressed. GTechniq T1
  • Exhaust tips, back box hand polished & coated with Gyeon Q² Rim or Gtechniq C5 wheel armour
  • During each stage multiple light sources, including a hand held LED are used to check everything
  • Spray sealant applied
  • Interior:
  • Interior appraised & treated accordingly, products used will be Gyeon, GTechniq, Nanolex & Swissvax
  • Leather treatment, Gyeon Leather shield
  • Glass cleaned inside & outside
  • Mats treated to fabric protectant
  • Engine Bay:
  • Appraised, cleaned & dressed by hand

Option: Alloy wheels removed & fully coated with Gyeon Q2 Rim or GTechniq C5 wheel armour+ £100 – Completion time 4 days (includes wheel arch detail)

Premier New Car Detail Terms: £100 deposit is payable on booking – balance on collection of your vehicle prior to leaving the premises


Premier new car detail (+wheels off detail). Carried out on this stunning Audi TTRS Roadster in Catalunya Red.