Porsche 991 C2 2 day enhancement

Porsche 991 C2, enhancement detail

When a regular client asked me to breath some life into his new purchase, a rather nice Basalt Black Porsche 991 C2, I of course said no problem. Not in a terrible state but in need of a some tlc & good session with the machine polisher to bring back to life the metallic paintwork. The usual safe wash process was carried out by myself outside the unit. Once dried & inside paint depth readings were taken & sensitive areas taped up.

Let’s have a look at that lovely Porsche paint work under the 3M Sungun


Not the worst paintwork I have seen but definitely in need of a 2 stage machine polish. I carried out a 2 stage machine polish routine first was to cut the defects safely out & the second was to refine the finish for a beautiful gloss & mirror like finish. Let’s have a look after stage 2



porsche 991 c2, midlands detailing, detailing midlands

all finished after the detail

porsche 991 c2, midlands detailing, www.autodetox.co.uk

porsche 991 c2, midlands detailing, www.autodetox.co.uk

www.autodetox.co.uk, midlands detailing, porsche, carrera

www.autodetox.co.uk, porsche, carrera

Porsche 991 C2 Basalt Black, now looking as it should, hard to beat a shiny, freshly detailed Porsche. always a pleasure working on one of Stuttgart’s finest !