Platinum Detail

The Platinum Detail takes a minimum of 7 days. It is completely bespoke & tailored to your car
The detail will be unique for you, exterior, interior & engine bay. Want the alloys removed ? This is included in the detail too. The paintwork will be machine polished to as near perfect as possible & Barry aims to achieve 98% correction. Your car will receive the very best attention & the very best products. Every inch of your vehicle will recieve attention & be coated in the best cermic coatings on the market, this detail will rejuvenate your car to a fabulous standard

Please call Barry on 07479 194645 to arrange an assessment of your vehicle & booking availability.


  • The exterior process:
  • Wheels removed thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner, faces & inside. They will be removed for further work inside the unit
  • Tyres cleaned with apc (all purpose cleaner) to remove old tyre dressing
  • Wheel arches cleaned with apc & soft brushes by hand. Further work will be carried out inside the unit
  • Lower portion of vehicle treated to citrus cleaner, this helps to loosen dirt before hand washing
  • Washed safely using 2 buckets, gritt guards & plush soft lambs wool wash mitt
  • Badges, grills, panel gaps, exterior trim cleaned with soft detail brush & apc
  • Tar deposits removed with tar remover
  • Clay of paintwork, lights & glass to remove bonded contaminants, ensuring a perfectly clean surface to polish
  • Iron decontamination
  • Between each stage the car is rinsed with the pressure washer
  • Dried with super plush super soft microfiber drying towels & warm air blower
  • The Engine Bay:
  • will be cleaned by hand sympathetically & under go further treatment inside the unit
  • Dried with microfiber cloths + warm air blower
  • Carbon fibre will be polished
  • Chrome will be polished
  • All areas will be dressed & treated later in the detail
  • Paintwork:
  • Once inside the unit
  • Paint depth readings will be taken over the entire vehicle to assess paint depth & any areas of low paint recorded
  • Inspection of paintwork with 3M Sungun/LED light, the absolute best defect spotting lights on the market
  • Tape up of sensitive areas with 3M body shop grade masking tape
  • Polishing stages (3 stage polishing routine) using professional top of the range polishes to safely remove swirl marks, this is true paint correction. This is a very lengthy stage & will take up a large amount of time
  • High gloss polishing stage using the finest finishing polishes in the world for a stunning wet look finish
  • Paintwork cleansed for a perfectly clean surface to apply finishing product of your choice (this will be discussed with you to get the most suitable product)
  • Alloy wheels treated to ceramic coating
  • Glass cleaned & treated to rain repellant
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust tips/back box & accessible areas polished with gentle metal polishes & sealed with a high temp ceramic coating
  • Exterior chrome polished & sealed with a ceramic coating
  • The interior process:
  • Mats removed, cleaned & treated to a fabric protectant
  • Thorough hoover including vents, seats runners
  • Leather treatment carried out (2 stages)
  • Carbon fiber polished & waxed
  • Alcantara cleaned safely with alcantara cleaner
  • Glass cleaned inside
  • Final inspection of entire vehicle


This is a brief run down of the work carried out, each car is unique & the detail will be tailored to it

Options for paintwork protection are:

Swissvax Divine carnauba wax (other high grade, high value waxes are available)

Gyeon Quartz Q² MOHS+ (2018 upgrade), Gyeon Quartz Q² DuraFlex (2018 upgrade), GTechniq Crystal Serum light & Exo V3

There are a number of options which will be tailored to your car to get the very best treatment on each & every surface

Payment terms: £250 deposit at the time of booking. Balance payable on collection prior to leaving the premises