Gyeon Quartz

Gyeon Quartz Q2 MOHS+ is a professional set of ceramic automotive coatings for paint, dedicated to authorised detailers only (as Auto Detox are). Containing Gyeon’s hardest Q2 MOHS+ coating and Phobic top coating, ensures the highest quality and an incomparable visual effect amongst ceramic coatings, even in comparison with high end waxes. Like GYEON Quartz coatings, Q2 MOHS+ is totally resistant to any type of chemical with a ph between 2 and 11. Each GYEON Quartz Q2 MOHS+ Phobic set will only be sold to certified detailers. Every set comes with a 5 year limited warranty, ensuring the customer that the product will keep its properties and effectiveness for the period in question. Phobic is a unique product which prevents forming of stains from hard water and environmental deposits on a fresh quartz coating. Phobic is innovative in having a property that is unparalleled in other protective coatings, i.e. it is graffiti resistant & has phenomenal water beading action

Gyeon Quartz Q2 MOHS+

gyeon quartz q2 mohs+ dura bead auto detox

Advanced swirl & scratch resistance

gyeon quartz q2 mohs+ dura bead

Extremely Hydrophobic – superb water beading action

gyeon quartz q2 mohs+ dura bead

Adds significant thickness & protection to clear coats

       Resistant to bug splatter & bird droppings aiding easier removal

Resistant to wash chemicals with a pH range 2/11

Enhances gloss, metallic flake & paint colour.

The coating is capable of repelling the sprayed on paint for a long time and allowing it to be washed off by a pressure washer or removed with Q2M Prep. Gyeon Quartz Q2 MOHS+ is available exclusively to our certified detailers and will not be introduced to the consumer, if you are not a Gyeon Certified detailer you cannot buy this product. Each product has a hologram confirming its originality and a 5 year limited warranty for the coating’s durability. In addition, Gyeon Quartz Q2 MOHS+ Phobic offers unbeatable shine, reflectivity, slickness and gloss, significantly enhancing the appearance of the cars natural paintwork gloss and colour. Why not contact Barry at Auto Detox about protecting your car today ? Or call him on 07479 194645

gyeon quartz q2 mohs+ dura bead, certified detailer auto detox