Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT, 4 day paint correction detail

This beautiful Bentley was a referral from a previous client & the new owner wanted his lovely new Bentley bringing back to life. 4 days were spent lovingly removing defects from the paintwork, rejuvenating the interior & gently cleaning the engine bay for an excellent all round correction detail.

After the initial wash prep outside the unit & blow dry the paintwork was inspected with the 3M Sungun & paint readings taken with a Positector

Under the units LED lighting, lots of swirls



Paint readings:


After a little machine polishing testing to find the right combination for this job. The Bentley received a 2 stage routine.


Definitely the right combination. Then it was a case of putting in the hours with the various machines working around the car.

After stage 2:


Looking much better.

A high grade carnauba wax was applied to the paintwork, alloy wheels sealed & all the other finishing touches to make the car complete were taken care of.

A few finished shots

There we have it 4 days on a Bentley Continental GT, a very happy owner who has already booked in another 2 cars for the same treatment, excellent to have a new & very happy client.