Audi TTRS Gyeon Quartz Premier new car detail

Audi TTRS Gyeon Quartz Premier new car detail + wheels off detail,

This stunning Audi TTRS Roadster came to me for my top Gyeon Quartz new car detail along with the option of having the wheels removed & having them coated in Gyeon Rim which is a high temperature ceramic coating for alloy wheels. Completion time on this detail was 4 days &  what a great 4 days they were too. I really enjoyed this detail, the car, the sound from that engine & that colour ! Plus getting to weave some magic for a new client was fantastic

Lets start the pictures inside after the wash prep’ as it was throwing it down while I was outside unfortunately. The car was treated to the usual safe wash practises & I also removed the alloys to clean them while outside. Even on a new car with 700 miles on the clock I wanted to give the wheel arches a good clean prior to taking the wheels off in the unit later. Inside the car was put on the lift, blow dried & paint inspected

Starting with the roof, the car was covered with 3M bodyshop film to protect it from any oversparay from the Gyeon Fabric guard application, this was applied in 2 coats. As it was drying I started on the machine polishing first the bonnet.

Making some room for myself:

The film is statically charged & hugs the paintwork for a nice fit, allowing me to work around it without the worry of it moving about.  This would be changed on day 2 to protect the roof from polish dust while I work worked around the car.

Intricate area polishing:

Working on the tighter areas with a small Rupes dual action polisher, very handy tool. The blue tape is to protect the edges

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

Some areas were too small & had to be done by hand

Brand new cloth & a little patients !

The alloys & calipers were polished too then Gyeon Rim applied to all areas, hubs, calipers & entire alloy wheel

Wooring on the wheels & Calipers:

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

Ceramic coatings:

Gyeon Rim being high temp’ can also be used on tail pipes, works perfectly on these painted pipes

The choice for paint protection was Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ this is applied in 3 stages, 2 base coats which cure over night then “Phobic” top coat the following morning, this comes with a limited 5 year warranty on new cars

I always check everything with an LED light source as a final check, paintwork, glass, alloys, everything just to be sure

Gyeon View is an excellent rain repellant

Buffs off to an invisible coating after a short curing period

Under carriage:

While I was doing the tail pipes I gave the back box a clean with some metal polish & surrounding areas too

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

Engine bay:

The interior was detailed along with the engine bay, pictured below.

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

Audi ttrs gyeon quartz photography:

After checks with the LED light source a few finished photographs

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

audi ttrs gyeon quartz

Audi TTRS Gyeon Quartz 4 day Premier new car detail  & wheels off detail

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